Professor Messer Recommended CompTIA Security+ Study Resources

All of my free Security+ videos are available online to watch at any time, but you may want to consider using some of these study resources to help you through the Security+ exam.

Professor Messer’s Security+ Course Notes:

The Security+ exam objectives are enormous, and so are these notes. I’ve taken all of the important text, graphics, diagrams, and technical explanations and fit them into this 36-page PDF.

Downloadable Security+ Training Course:

If you need a copy of my videos to watch offline, this is the video set for you! I include all of my videos, MP3 audio versions, and my Security+ Course Notes all in a downloadable format and delivered on a USB flash drive.

The gtslearning Security+ FastTrack Study Guide eBook

There’s a reason that I use the gtslearning books to make all of my videos; they’re really, really good. If you’re looking for a comprehensive Security+ study book, this is the one for you.

Online Security+ Live Labs:

Sometimes, you need more than a book or video to really understand a topic. If you’re looking for detailed hands-on Security+ training, then you need the gtslearning Security+ Live Labs.