Professor Messer Recommended CompTIA Network+ Study Resources

If you’re using my free Network+ videos for your studies, you may want to consider adding some additional study resources to help you through the Network+ exam objectives.

Professor Messer’s Network+ Course Notes:

I’ve taken all of the important acronyms, diagrams, charts, technical standards, and course information and put it all into a single PDF. People use my course notes every day to help pass their exams, and they can help you, too!

Downloadable Network+ Training Course:

All of my Network+ videos are free to watch online, but here’s a copy you can use while you’re traveling or away from the Internet. Also included is the course in MP3 audio format and my popular Network+ Course Notes.

The gtslearning Network+ FastTrack Study Guide eBook

I use the gtslearning books to make my videos because they are accurate and focused. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense study guide to get you through your Network+ exam, this is the book for you!

Online Network+ Live Labs:

It always helps if you can get practical, hands-on networking experience. With the gtslearning Self-Study Live Labs, you can use your browser to learn Network+ topics at your own pace. This package also includes the gtslearning Network+ eBook and Network+ practice questions!