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  1. A+ Pop Quiz: It seems much nicer on the screen
  2. A+ Pop Quiz: Just to make sure
  3. Professor Messer’s Security+ Study Group – June 2017
  4. A+ Pop Quiz: I lost. Again.
  5. Network+ Pop Quiz: That broadcast needs more bullhorn
  6. A+ Pop Quiz: My RAID array just leveled up
  7. A+ Pop Quiz: Turns out that isn’t always the best answer
  8. A+ Pop Quiz: Bandwidth usage is inadvertently zero
  9. A+ Pop Quiz: One of them must be leaking
  10. Professor Messer’s Network+ Study Group – June 2017
  11. A+ Pop Quiz: That’s a lot of monitoring
  12. Network+ Pop Quiz: The squeakers will still crush me
  13. A+ Pop Quiz: Still not quite seeing it
  14. A+ Pop Quiz: That seems drastic
  15. A+ Pop Quiz: I’m not sure what you said
  16. A+ Pop Quiz: Two finger typing has its limitations
  17. Professor Messer’s CompTIA A+ Study Group – June 2017
  18. A+ Pop Quiz: Soap and water can be a good fix
  19. Network+ Pop Quiz: You can’t get there from here
  20. A+ Pop Quiz: It may be time to consider voice control
  21. A+ Pop Quiz: It’s next to my car keys
  22. A+ Pop Quiz: My command line isn’t as graphical as I would like
  23. A+ Pop Quiz: I think there are playing cards in my cooling fans
  24. A+ Pop Quiz: Important productivity applications
  25. Network+ Pop Quiz: That’s a snack
  26. A+ Pop Quiz: I’m not sure that’s the best idea
  27. A+ Pop Quiz: I need to pick up one of those for later. Or earlier.
  28. A+ Pop Quiz: Start with a large bit
  29. A+ Pop Quiz: The latest Windows edition requires head protection
  30. A+ Pop Quiz: I’ll make some coffee
  31. Network+ Pop Quiz: Someone could get hurt down there
  32. A+ Pop Quiz: We’re going to need a bigger battery
  33. A+ Pop Quiz: The new Redtooth, no Blacktooth, no Greentooth connection
  34. A+ Pop Quiz: It’s not an earthquake, it’s faster response times
  35. A+ Pop Quiz: It’s either a rabbit or bowl of fruit
  36. Professor Messer’s Security+ Study Group – May 2017
  37. A+ Pop Quiz: There are 1,500 little icons on my desktop
  38. Network+ Pop Quiz: I’m sure something will be open at 4 AM
  39. A+ Pop Quiz: It’s a common issue
  40. A+ Pop Quiz: That’s a nice candle