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  1. A+ Pop Quiz: The Earl Grey is cold
  2. A+ Pop Quiz: I need an extension
  3. Professor Messer’s Network+ Study Group – August 2017
  4. A+ Pop Quiz: The manual process is often the best
  5. Network+ Pop Quiz: Maybe I’ll read it again
  6. A+ Pop Quiz: It’s always slower when they go uphill
  7. A+ Pop Quiz: It might be in my digital jacket
  8. A+ Pop Quiz: I probably need special glasses
  9. A+ Pop Quiz: I’m not sure why it doesn’t work in this tunnel
  10. Professor Messer’s CompTIA A+ Study Group – August 2017
  11. A+ Pop Quiz: My eyes were closed
  12. Network+ Pop Quiz: The throughput really dropped
  13. A+ Pop Quiz: It really stands out in a crowd
  14. A+ Pop Quiz: But I measured
  15. A+ Pop Quiz: There’s only 20 of these on the app store
  16. A+ Pop Quiz: It was in here the other day
  17. A+ Pop Quiz: Partly cloudy with a chance of uptime
  18. Network+ Pop Quiz: Made you look
  19. A+ Pop Quiz: I have a bank account that doesn’t have anything in it
  20. A+ Pop Quiz: My hair is so shiny
  21. A+ Pop Quiz: The easy way to earn fans
  22. A+ Pop Quiz: That’s a lot of typing
  23. A+ Pop Quiz: Bright and shiny
  24. Network+ Pop Quiz: I can’t get enough of those
  25. A+ Pop Quiz: I can never find one when I need it
  26. A+ Pop Quiz: This could be any time, really
  27. A+ Pop Quiz: They all have pretty icons
  28. Professor Messer’s Security+ Study Group – July 2017
  29. A+ Pop Quiz: My brakes maintain a high frame rate
  30. A+ Pop Quiz: Hello, computer
  31. Network+ Pop Quiz: Put another pound on that side
  32. A+ Pop Quiz: Maybe it fell behind the washer
  33. A+ Pop Quiz: My helpdesk needs to be columnated
  34. A+ Pop Quiz: I’m usually odd.
  35. A+ Pop Quiz: Clear the hallway
  36. Professor Messer’s Network+ Study Group – July 2017
  37. A+ Pop Quiz: High speed mistakes
  38. Network+ Pop Quiz: Except I can’t find my cable
  39. A+ Pop Quiz: It’s in the cloud. In my head.
  40. A+ Pop Quiz: You’ll need to take the shuttle between terminals