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    Just passed the Network+ this morning and passed the A+ on Oct15th and Taking Security+ on the 19th. The Network+ test was handful and was not sure what my score was going to be. Ended up with a 818 and marked 14 questions and came back to them and changed 3. For study material I used Mike Myers A+ all-in-one and Network+ all-in-one. The Total Seminars test question disk is well worth the $75 that me and a buddy paid for. We split the cost on the Learn Key Network+ but feel that the Professor Messer is more informative and free. IT exam world is another test disk we used to pass the A+/NET+ exams and will cover just about every question there is. The problem is that Comptia will not ask you the question that you would normally see and you will have to use process of elimination to find the correct answer on some of them. Thank you Professor Messer for the videos and I recommended them to some classmates in my New Horizons class. Next up is the Darril Gibson Security+ book. Good Luck for those of you that will be taking the exam!!




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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